Quality Policy

NiMAC’s quality policy and objective is to meet and exceed our customer’s and supplier’s expectations by continually improving the quality of our service and products.
All personnel contribute to the overall company objective by their involvement in the following specific objectives:
1. Ensuring that customer requirements are met for each order and that each order is effectively understood, planned and controlled.
2. Ensuring that continual compliance with the company’s documented quality procedures is achieved.
3. Ensuring that timely and effective corrective action on a non-conformance of the service or product is taken.
4. Ensuring that a philosophy of non-conformance prevention is maintained rather than non-conformance detection.
5. Participating in individual training requirements identified by job specifications and individual performance reviews.
6. Participating in continuous improvement initiatives relating to the company’s services and products.
7. Our quality system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and will be implemented across the whole organisation, embracing all of the activities which impact upon our customers.
8. It is our strategic aim to strive to continually improve upon our products, processes and systems by setting, reviewing & measuring quality objectives at least annually, during our Management review meetings.