Posted on: Wed 10th Jul 2024

Nimac launches a range of NSF HX1 overbased calcium sulphonates

NiMAC can now offer NSF HX1 overbased calcium sulphonates in both USP white oil and polyalphaolefins. These sulphonates are typically used to formulate NSF H1 high temperature greases and as an additive for lubricants designed for food processing machinery. They can also be used in anti-corrosive coatings, as a detergent or dispersant additive, rust/corrosion inhibitor, and acid neutraliser in industrial lubricating oils.

NiLUB® C300W HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 300TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in USP white oil

NiLUB® C400W HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 400TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in USP white oil

NiLUB® C400P HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 400TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in polyalphaolefin

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Posted on: Fri 3rd Mar 2023

Iso-tridecyl stearate added to our range of functional esters to offer lubricity properties to neat and emulsifiable metalworking fluids.

Nimac is continually expanding our portfolio and the Polylub ITS is a new addition to our range. It is a saturated long chain fatty acid ester that provides excellent metal adhesion and a low friction tribofilm. It may be used as a lubricity additive or friction modifier for a broad range of metalworking applications.

With a high flash point, low odour, excellent lubricity and excellent hydrolytic stability it is used in both oil-based and water-based metalworking fluid applications.

For greases it contributes improved cold flow properties, lower volatility, good thermal stability, low noise level, good air release and water separation.

Iso-tridecyl stearate is typically used as a lubricity improver in steel, copper and aluminium rolling applications

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Posted on: Sun 19th Feb 2023

New Premises for the NiMAC UK Head Office

The final touches are taking shape to the interior of the dynamic new office building that has been designed specifically to cater for the needs of the business. 

The MD of NiMAC Nigel McDonald says “I expect the new premises to be completed in the spring and will offer the team a high quality, purpose fit and innovative space within which to work.  The team have been patient whilst work has been undertaken, however I’m hoping that the bright and modern premises will be worth the wait”.

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Posted on: Tue 9th Jun 2020

NiMAC responds to local Hospice’s urgent PPE appeal

The local newspaper, the Express & Star, recently put out an urgent request asking the community and local businesses for their help and support in supplying desperately needed PPE for Mary Stevens Hospice in Stourbridge, to protect their patients and staff during the coronavirus pandemic. 
With knowledge of the excellent work that the Mary Stevens Hospice undertakes, NIMAC were honoured to be able to support the locally based charity by donating critically needed hand sanitiser.

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Posted on: Wed 4th Apr 2018

Adichem AG and Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH appoints Nimac Ltd as its chosen UK and Ireland Distributor

Nimac Ltd is pleased to announce its new partnership with Adichem AG and Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH effective from the 1st April 2018.
Nigel McDonald, Nimac’s Managing Director, welcomes the new arrangement: “My relationship with Adichem spans over 18 years with myself having already undertaken technical sales for Adichem in Western and Southern Europe. This partnership demonstrates the commitment by both companies to provide Adichem and Additive-Chemie Luers customers with exceptional value added services. The Additiv-Chemie Luers products are an exciting complementary addition to our existing product portfolio and it further strengthens our leading position within the lubricants industry”


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Posted on: Fri 9th Jun 2017

NiMAC attends 29th ELGI AGM in Helsinki

NiMAC attended the 2017 ELGI AGM in the beautiful city of Helsinki where a diverse range of papers were presented to the attendees. The meeting welcomed colleagues from 26 countries offering a strong networking platform on an international scale. This year’s conference focused on ‘Innovation: The Future of Grease Lubricants’. The event programme included addresses from key industry personnel and specialists in the lubricant sectors who highlighted current trends and future developments within the sector.

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Posted on: Fri 30th Sep 2016

NiMAC to return to Amsterdam for 3rd ICIS & ELGI conference

The third edition of the Industrial Lubricants conference, organised by ICIS and ELGI, will be returning to Amsterdam on November 9th and 10th this year and NiMAC’s Nigel McDonald is looking forward to attending.

The event, which covers both commercial and technical topics, will be taking a closer look at some of the key drivers in the industry including base stock availability, new regulations and OEM requirements which influence formulation. 





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