Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH

Additiv-Chemie Luers was formed in 1948 and is an independant manufacturer of additives for metalworking fluids and cleaners.

These include;

emulsifier packages

corrosion protective packages and oxidized waxes.

Non-ionic surfactants, including hazard label free alcohol ethoxylates

Phosphoric acid esters

PIB based tackiness agents

C21 di-carboxylic acid

Isononanoic acid

Sodium, calcium and barium sulphonates. Including mineral oil free (ester based) sodium sulphonates and hazard label free sodium sulphonates,

PMA (polymethacrylate) based pour point depressants (PPD) and viscosity index improvers (VII)

In 2017 Additiv-Chemie Luers acquired 100% of the shares of Adichem AG who were a lubricant additive and corrosion protective trading company based in Switzerland. As a result of this acquisition Additiv-Chemie Luers also acquired the majority of the shares of Alpha Chemie GmbH based in Freital / Dresden who are a manufacturer of oxidatised from paraffin waxes and PIB based tackifiers.