Hornett Bros & Co

Hornett Bros & Co Ltd is a family owned, fully independent manufacturer of sulphurised extreme pressure additives under the EPoil trade name. The Hornett family, which is now into its 4th generation, have for more than 60 years independently supplied the lubricant industry with sulfurized / vulcanised EP additives under the EPoil trade name to almost every industrialised country in the world.

The Hornett Bros product range encompasses a range of sulphurised Extreme Pressure (EP) and anti-wear additives, chlorinated paraffin’s, emulsifiers, industrial gear oil and slideway additive packages. The Epoil range of sulphurised extreme pressure additives encompasses both dark and light coloured additives.

At Hornett Bros site in Essex they also have facilities for confidential toll blending/manufacturing 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres in vessels dedicated to water and oil based products, all supported by their fully equipped Quality Assurance laboratory.