NiMAC Ltd offers a range of sodium, barium and calcium sulphonates. Sulphonates with a higher molecular weight are highly effective corrosion inhibitors especially when based on the non-water soluble cations of calcium, barium and magnesium.

Sodium Sulphonates

Sodium sulphonates are available in a range of molecular weights with the corrosion resistance increasing and the emulsification properties decreasing as the molecular weight increases. Sodium sulphonates are often a key raw material of many metalworking fluid formulations with traditionally a molecular weight of between 390-550MW being utilised as a combined emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor. Sodium sulphonates can be classified as either naturally derived sulphonates or synthetically manufactured sulphonates dependent on whether they were produced during the production of white oil or by the sulphonation of alkylates.

NiMAC represents the Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH range of sodium sulphonates with the UK and Ireland. Within the Additiv-Chemie range are both natural and synthetic sulphonates as well as oil free (ester based) sodium sulphonates and hazard-label free sodium sulphonates. Please contact us for more information.

 Calcium Sulphonates

Calcium sulphonates are also available in different molecular weights and offer excellent corrosion protection, demulsification and EP properties. Calcium sulphonates can be either neutral, slightly basic or highly over based (TBN300-400). Typically the 300TBN calcium sulphonates have a higher sulphonate content and a lower carbonate content than the 400TBN calcium sulphonates. The sulphonate content provides for corrosion inhibition whilst the carbonate content principally provides for acidity regulation. Overbased calcium sulphonates with a TBN of between 300-400 are used in industrial, marine and crankcase oils. When used in conjunction with sulphurised EP additives the sulphonate can activate the sulphur to boost EP performance.

Neutral calcium sulphonates are recommended for use in corrosion inhibitors, hydraulic oils, and turbine oils where they impart corrosion inhibition and demulsification.

 Barium Sulphonates

The Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH range of barium sulphonates includes both neutral and overbased versions which are typically used as additives with corrosion protection fluids ands greases.