Posted on: Wed 29th Jun 2016

Increased Usage of Environmentally Friendly Lubrication Fluids

Environmental friendliness is often a concern for all industries. Now especially the lubricants industry is facing ever more challenges. As the demand for biodegradable lubricants rises and the regulations grow ever tighter, manufacturers have to constantly improve their “green lubricants”. This is by no means a bad thing. The usage of Bio-lubricants can be beneficial for more than just the environment as they can save energy, have longer operating lives and a lower consumption.

Synthetic esters derived from petroleum or vegetable oil come in a wide range of viscosities, have a high thermal and oxidative stability, a good fluidity at low temperatures and are highly biodegradable. Unfortunately, they are also prone to hydrolyse if not manufactured correctly and the fully saturated products, which offer the best performance, come at a high cost. While the vegetable derived esters come from a renewable source, the petroleum derived ones do not and so aren’t as environmentally considerate.

Environmentally friendly lubricants are becoming ever more important as many areas of application nowadays require the use of biodegradable or non-toxic lubes. In areas such as agriculture, forestry, earth moving and construction machinery, marine and concrete moulds the usage of these products is especially important as otherwise there could be serious long-term damage caused to the plant and wildlife if a spill occurs. 

The countries with the highest usage of Bio-lubricants are Sweden, Germany, the UK, France, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, while the usage in the USA, Canada, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic is increasing.


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