NSF HX1 Additives

NiMAC ADTC is an NSF HX1 and LUSC listed Ashless multifunctional antioxidant, antiwear and EP additive having the formula 4,4’-methylene bis (dibutyl-dithiocarbamate) CAS No: 10254-57-6. (Similar products include Vanlube 7723 and Additin RC 6340).

This chemistry is ideally suitable for use in heavy duty metal-free EP greases to impart antioxidant and EP properties. NiMAC ADTC can be used as an antiwear/antioxidant component for hydraulic fluids and industrial gear oils and works synergistically when used in combination with inactive sulphur carriers such as Epoil WH110 from Hornett Bros.

NiMAC ADTC - Methylene-bis(dibutyl-dithiocarbamate). CAS No 10254-57-6, EC No 233-593-1. Eu Reach 01-2119969655-20-XXXX. NSF Registration No 166339