NSF HX1 Additives

NiMAC ADTC is an NSF HX1 and LUSC listed Ashless multifunctional antioxidant, antiwear and EP additive having the formula 4,4’-methylene bis (dibutyl-dithiocarbamate) CAS No: 10254-57-6. (Similar products include Vanlube 7723 and Additin RC 6340).

This chemistry is ideally suitable for use in heavy duty metal-free EP greases to impart antioxidant and EP properties. NiMAC ADTC can be used as an antiwear/antioxidant component for hydraulic fluids and industrial gear oils and works synergistically when used in combination with inactive sulphur carriers such as Epoil WH110 from Hornett Bros.

NiMAC ADTC - Methylene-bis(dibutyl-dithiocarbamate). CAS No 10254-57-6, EC No 233-593-1. Eu Reach 01-2119969655-20-XXXX. NSF Registration No 166339

NiMAC offers NSF HX1 overbased calcium sulphonates in both USP white oil and polyalphaolefins. These sulphonates are typically used to formulate NSF H1 high temperature greases and as an additive for lubricants designed for food processing machinery. They can also be used in anti-corrosive coatings, as a detergent or dispersant additive, rust/corrosion inhibitor, and acid neutraliser in industrial lubricating oils.

NiLUB® C300W HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 300TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in USP white oil

NiLUB® C400W HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 400TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in USP white oil

NiLUB® C400P HX1 is an NSF HX1 registered 400TBN overbased calcium sulphonate in polyalphaolefin