Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids are used in the production of polyol esters for food, cosmetics, personal cares, pharmaceutical and metal working. They can be used for production of many other derivatives such as fatty alcohols, fatty amines, soaps.

Ecoric 6 Fatty Acid C6 - 1-Hexanol Acid, Caproic Acid
Ecoric 8 Fatty Acid C8 - 1-Octanoic Acid, Caprylic Acid
Ecoric 10  Fatty Acid C10 - 1-Decanoic Acid, Capric Acid
Ecoric 80  Fatty Acid C8C10 -  Caprylic Capric Acid
Ecoric 810 Fatty Acid C8C10 - Caprylic Capric Acid
Ecoric 68 SA Fatty Acid C16C18  
Ecoric 18W/75  Oleic Acid 
Ecoric 18W/70 Oleic Acid