Posted on: Wed 4th Apr 2018

Adichem AG and Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH appoints Nimac Ltd as its chosen UK and Ireland Distributor

Nimac Ltd is pleased to announce its new partnership with Adichem AG and Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH effective from the 1st April 2018.
Nigel McDonald, Nimac’s Managing Director, welcomes the new arrangement: “My relationship with Adichem spans over 18 years with myself having already undertaken technical sales for Adichem in Western and Southern Europe. This partnership demonstrates the commitment by both companies to provide Adichem and Additive-Chemie Luers customers with exceptional value added services. The Additiv-Chemie Luers products are an exciting complementary addition to our existing product portfolio and it further strengthens our leading position within the lubricants industry”


About Additiv-Chemie Luers
Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH was founded in 1948 and are one of the leading European manufacturers of metalworking fluid additives and additive packages within Europe. The Additiv-Chemie Luers portfolio includes additives for the formulation of lubricants, cleaners and corrosion preventatives. Additiv-Chemie Luers are specialists in additives and packages for the quick and effective formulation of metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and related applications.
About Adichem AG
ADICHEM AG was founded in 1993 and manufactures in Germany a range of speciality corrosion inhibitor packages and polybutene tackifiers.
Effective immediately, Nimac Ltd will be supplying Adichem and Additiv-Chemie Luers lubricant additives and corrosion inhibitors across the United Kingdom and Ireland.