Posted on: Fri 9th Jun 2017

NiMAC attends 29th ELGI AGM in Helsinki

NiMAC attended the 2017 ELGI AGM in the beautiful city of Helsinki where a diverse range of papers were presented to the attendees. The meeting welcomed colleagues from 26 countries offering a strong networking platform on an international scale. This year’s conference focused on ‘Innovation: The Future of Grease Lubricants’. The event programme included addresses from key industry personnel and specialists in the lubricant sectors who highlighted current trends and future developments within the sector.

The 2017 winner of the best paper/presentation award went to Dr Johan Leckner, Group Technical Manager at Axel Christiernsson International AB, for his paper on 'Polypropylene - a Novel Thickener Technology with many Surprises'. The paper and presention demonstrated that a polymer grease has the lubrication potential of up to 7 times longer than a comparable lithium comples grease and additive response is improved due to the absence of a soap thickener. Congratulations to Dr Leckner on his award.

We look forward to the 30th ELGI AGM which is belng held in London.