MOL LUB Grease additives

The MOL LUB Ltd additives portfolio currently includes;

The Komad 8400 series Aluminium Complex Grease thickener range has the major benefits over the competitor thickener systems in that they are;

  1. Simple to use – only one step grease making process, instead of the traditional two steps.
  2. There is virtually NO alcohol release in the production process.
  3. No ventilation needed.
  4. No health hazard.
  5. No fire or explosion hazard.
  6. Formulation support from MOL technical experts.

Komad 820 Lithium soap yield improver and grease structure modifier.

In lithium greases the use of KOMAD 820 acts as a yield improver, the structure of the soap becomes more complex thanks to the polymer and carbon chains and also to the cyclic part of the compound. The polymer chains also help to improve tackiness and water resistance. The vegetable oil part also participates in the forming of the soap structure.

In aluminium complex greases the KOMAD 820 acts as a structure modifier which helps to increase the mechanical stability of the product. The mechanism is about the same as in case of lithium, however because of the different chemical structure and properties of the aluminium complex it works slightly differently.

Komad 503 Ashless multifunctional antioxidant, antiwear and EP additive having the formula 4,4’-methylene bis (dibutyl-dithiocarbamate) CAS No: 10254-57-6. (Similar products include Vanlube 7723 and Additin RC 6340).

This chemistry is ideally suitable for use in heavy duty metal-free EP greases to impart antioxidant and EP properties. Komad 503 can be used as an antiwear/antioxidant component for hydraulic fluids and industrial gear oils and works synergistically when used in combination with inactive sulphur carriers such as Epoil WH110 from Hornett Bros.